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Router company that threatened a reviewer loses Amazon selling license

On Thursday, Mediabridge Products posted an official statement about this incident to its Facebook page, clarifying its position and saying that Amazon has revoked its selling privileges. However, Mediabridge subsequently deleted the statement and its entire Facebook presence after receiving negative comments.

In the statement, the company says that it did not actually sue the Amazon reviewer, but that it did insist that the reviewer's "untrue, damaging, and disparaging statements" be taken down.

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Devil-X2443d ago

You Didn't see that coming Mediabridge? Did you?

Crazyglues2442d ago

Amazon did the right thing....

If your company is good and respectable all they had to do was respond to the bad review by saying, "we are sorry to hear you are having problems with our product, we do not make bad products, but it is possible you got a bad unit, please allow us to refund you for the unit, and have a chance to look into what may have gone wrong."

Anyone can respect a company that seems to go above and beyond to address concerns.

-But instead they decide to sue and force the buyer to take down his own opinion of the events. -Bad Move

Kurylo3d2442d ago

In todays social media world. No post stays deleted. They shot themselves in the foot by trying to remove it because it only made them look worse. They have lost face 100x more then 1 bad review. I will never buy their products for sure. That company is a sinking ship now lol

Anarki2442d ago

Seems my firewall has blocked access to that website. I'll give it a miss.

dcbronco2442d ago

Get yo ass off o Amazon tonight, right now. And when you gone, stay gone. You don't lost all your Amazon privileges.

Wagz222442d ago

Hmm were you referencing Pulp Fiction? If so, awesome but you have to at least finish the rest of the quote "And when you gone, you stay gone or you be gone"

Speed-Racer2442d ago

LOL yup that's Marcellus Wallace for ya

gizmig2442d ago

Well deserves that action. Now it is getting much more popular.