Netflix Begins Streaming in 4K Ultra HD, Rolls Out $1 Price Hike for New Subscribers

Maximum PC: You snooze, you lose. Netflix last month said it was planning to raise the price of its subscription-based streaming service by up to $2 for new members, and sure enough, it made good on that promise today, though it settled on a $1 price increase instead of $2. A typical Netflix subscription now runs $8.99 per month, though if you're willing to limit yourself to standard definition (SD) content on one screen at a time, you can still subscribe at the old $7.99 per month rate.

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Dasteru2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Nothing but a marketing gimmick. They cannot even do 1080p streaming with the same video or audio quality of physical media yet, and now they want people to believe they are doing 4k? What a joke.