Surveillance camera clears woman hit by police car

We’re often told by security professionals that the widespread adoption of surveillance cameras can hold officers accountable and provide valuable evidence for court proceedings. One Wisconsin woman is living proof that sometimes CCTV footage, used in conjunction with other evidence, really can serve the cause of justice.

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SilentNegotiator2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

So, no one administered a field sobriety test (because they couldn't), the citizen sustained all of the serious injuries - indicating an obvious high speed crash from the cop's vehicle vehicle - so the officer would have had to have accelerated at impossible speeds from the dead stop of a stop sign in order for their story to check (if he had been going slowly and the citizen quickly, the injuries would have been minimal for both of them in that position), and the hospital sobriety tests found nothing....

Why is the CCTV footage so important here? She would have gotten off if it weren't there.

windblowsagain2443d ago

That picture looks fake,lol