Did an impact knock the Moon on its side?

We tend to think of the Moon as a static, dead world, with no atmosphere and no plate tectonics. But there are various signs the Moon has been active—volcanoes and indications of a magnetic field frozen in rocks. Impact craters that flooded with molten rock are also indications of more active periods in the Moon's history. Now, some researchers are suggesting that the residual magnetic fields contain hints that the Moon was once flipped on its side by a violent event.

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TechImperia2449d ago

Or may be the author didn't realized it was just not a full moon night!

Speed-Racer2448d ago

Whether the moon is half lit, fully lit or not has nothing to do with it being knocked to it's side.

TechImperia2448d ago

Just one of those times, when my sarcasm goes wrong!!