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Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other Tech Supergiants Join Together To Save Net Neutrality

Hot on the heels of news that the FCC is just about ready to stomp on net neutrality, we’re now seeing what is nothing short of a mega-coalition of tech giants coming together to oppose the FCC’s decision.

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HBogard2447d ago

Finally these guys speak out. Someone needs to stop those greedy ISPs from choking the internet to death!

lailashaikh2447d ago

This needs to spread out more. It is absolutely absurd that not every single internet out there has spoken out against this yet.

gizmig2446d ago

Now everyone know how it will affect their businesses so every tech giant sums up and fighting altogehter.

kingPoS2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Certain ISP's want to toll the internet. We the people and by proxy, the everyday services we use, don't want that to happen!

If the internet is a highway, try imagining sport cars, niche models or unknown brands being charged more to ride on it.