Google Street View flooded: See what your neighborhood would look like if sea levels rise

The effects of climate change are well documented, but it’s widely agreed that not enough is being done to combat the problem.

To promote World Environment Day on June 5, CarbonStory – a crowdfunding platform for environmental projects – partnered with marketing agencies BDDO and Proximity Singapore to create an interactive site called World Under Water. Powered by Google Maps and exclusive to Chrome, it lets you pick any Street View location and see what it will look like after sea levels have risen.

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Audiggity2697d ago

This is silly... if there was an algorithm that actually took into consideration various timelines and elevation above/below sea level to emulate flooding, that would be interesting.

This simply adds a layer of water with a reflection effect half way up the street view image, no matter where it is located.

Find an address on a mountain, then type it in.