Some of the scariest exoplanets ever

Even though there have been a few discovered exoplanets that resemble Earth’s conditions, there are many more out there that equate to living in a nightmare. Some have extremely hot or cold temperatures, some have endless clouds of poisonous gases, and one even has tiny shards of glass flying about that would make minced meat out of anyone of us. Here are a few of these extraordinary exoplanets.

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blackblades2451d ago

Wow I would hate to crash land on those planets.

ironfist922450d ago

Hot planets, cold planets, okay I guess.

What intrigues me more is that Dark Planet.

UltraNova2450d ago

It begs the question though are they worse than Canada???

Just kidding...

MajorLazer2450d ago

Most likely they are worse than living in the US..

TechImperia2450d ago

So now you know where to head when someone tells you to "Go To Hell"!! Xd!

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