Norwegian army starts testing Oculus Rift in tanks

The Oculus Rift began life as a gaming peripheral, but before it’s even out of the development stage, it’s already getting some attention from the military. The Norwegian army is testing the Rift with tank drivers who have to cope with a very limited field of vision inside their hulking armored vehicles.

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SilentNegotiator2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Why Oculus? Seems like there could be much cheaper options.

All you need is a screen, a joystick, and a HUD graphic showing which direction it's facing.

Devil-X2453d ago

Guess nothing seems cheaper than a stolen tech!!! LMAO!!

k2d2453d ago

Good luck driving a tank in 60 mph in wild terrain with such equiptment without being a safety hazard towards others.

MajorGecko2453d ago

im pretty sure they will have cameras all around the tank which allowed the driver 360 degree view, kinda like how an F-35 pilot can see who is underneath him thru the airplane using cameras on the bottom of the aircraft.