Nokia Lumia 520 blocks a bullet to save Brazilian Cop’s Life

My Tech Update - Since the very beginning of mobile phone era Nokia has been associated with an image of company producing sturdy and literally indestructible phones. Most of us must have owned a Nokia 3310 in early 2000′s and it was considered one of the most rough and tough phone which could take all the punishment. In fact there are many memes doing the rounds on internet claiming Nokia 3310 to be indestructible.

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Devil-X2453d ago

Not called for Smartphone for nothing!!! They act smart, Wow!!!

Devil-X2453d ago

Damn Mobile keyboard. I HATE IT. I wanna remove that redundant "for" before smartphone, but can found no edit or delete option.

Speed-Racer2453d ago

Damn, I could use this as a bullet proof vest.

TechImperia2453d ago

now companies will start making bullet proof mobile phones

Dasteru2452d ago

Lol it didn't save his life. He was hit in the ass.

2452d ago