WhatsApp banned as Facebook is the owner

Iranian move to outlaw the app after Facebook acquisition.

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Speed-Racer2698d ago

"Following its acquisition from a Jew ‘Mark Zuckerburg’"


SilentNegotiator2697d ago

Should it be? I mean, that's the issue - Iran certainly doesn't care if they're subtle about their antisemitism.

Speed-Racer2697d ago

Well I realize the gravity of the situation, but the story author worded it a bit odd. I guess I've gotten so accustomed to people throwing about the word 'jew' in such a bad light, that it sounds negative even when it's not the case.

SilentNegotiator2697d ago

Well, "the Jewish Mark..." would probably be less harsh of wording, as well as a more proper way to arrange the sentence.

Raf1k12697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

It does sound quite harsh when read like that and you're right that it could be worded better.

We need to also remember that the world is full of different people with cultures that are different to ours. In that part of the world people are generally quite straight forward and traditionally speak in a way that gets to the point. Sometimes they say things that work perfectly well with no issues in their own culture but are received differently in others.

I'm reminded of the way talk shows with politicians work in Pakistan compared to the UK. Here we have people who are generally well mannered while in Pakistani shows there's a lot of loud arguing which to us looks like it's about to break into a fight. Again what's expected of people here is different to what is expected in Pakistan.

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