Full Range Asus Z97 and H97 Motherboards Now Official - See Features and Specifications "After Asus broke the NDA last monday, the company has announced today their latest Intel Z97 and H97 chipset-based ASUS-branded, ROG, TUF and Workstation motherboards to serve a wide range of computing needs. The Asus Z97-based motherboards are the top tier motherboards with overclocking capability and more features. Meanwhile the Asus H97-based motherboards are geared towards budget conscious consumers and doesn’t really need all the perks that comes with the Z97-based motherboards. There are a total of 23 new motherboards all; 3 from the ROG family, 4 from the TUF family and 16 from the legacy lineup, ranging from full ATX down to the smallest mini-ITX form factor. Check out the Asus Z97 and H97 motherboards’ features and specifications below."

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Sajjad_Hussain2706d ago

I like the Asus Z97-Deluxe more, Asus is always leading in terms of VRM :) Best for Overclocking..

A Short preview if someone wants to read more about Asus Z97-Deluxe

Source: tech4gamers

whatswithjeff2705d ago

I'm still waiting for the successor of the Asus Maximus VI Impact though, and hopefully an armored ROG Z97 just like the Maximus VI Formula

Sajjad_Hussain2705d ago

Asus Maximus VI is no doubt a great motherboard, Ideal for Overclockers. This time Asrock and EVGA is also doing really Good :) EVGA Z97 Classified is really a great motherboard with good VRM.

whatswithjeff2705d ago

But I am somewhat disappointed with their classified. How come there's only 8 phase power design, its memory can only support up to 2666+MHz and it doesn't use any EMI shielding or SATA express. Is this to cut cost? There's no L2N support either. Anyway, I'm still waiting for reviews to see how does it par with other motherboards. It seems that EVGA is tight with review samples for now. Have you tried asking for a sample?

Sajjad_Hussain2705d ago

Hope so they will give me, and there is Ln2 support my friend, The motherboard in total provides a total power of 600W to the CPU socket so make sure to have LN2 stocked plus they offering M.2 SSD slot to support Intel’s NGFF form factor drives.