Kickstarter: Amazing New Lunecase for iPhone With Glowing Notifications

I love Kickstarter projects, it truly is the bleeding edge of technology, and also allows a small minority of people to push a project to fulfilment that might not have made it by seeking traditional funding.

The iPhone market is literally awash with cases and covers, so it is always interesting when a new design comes along that truly innovates in this space, and that’s exactly what the Lunecase purports to do.

The Lunecase is a fairly standard rear ‘shell’ type case, dubbed the “the first intelligent iPhone cover” because of the way it alerts you to notifications using LEDs on the rear.

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iSpy2702d ago

Just a typical case for a iPhone, no thanks!

spacerace2702d ago

The use is a bit limited, I just like the fact it can power itself from energy emitted from the iPhone.