Is Google Getting Ready to Ditch the Nexus Name?

Google is reportedly getting ready to ditch its Nexus branding in favor of a new stringent "Silver"certificatio n program, which would encourage hardware partners to make sick flagships with limited bloatware.

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Spiewie 2457d ago

Why why why nexus is perfect. Why change to something like "silver"

gizmig2457d ago

I don't think so they will do that.

Sandmano2457d ago

Nope nexus is just fine

Thefreeman0122456d ago

there has been talks of this for a while since rumors of HTC making a tablet for google

ArtificiallyYours2456d ago

Google has a lot of expensive projects under their umbrella.

While they likely can afford to lose money, projects like Glass and Ara need exceptional development focus in order to actually revolutionize mobile devices.

Android is getting even bigger, and brands don't always last forever. A 59$ Nexus phone is interesting however.