Mozilla Gives Firefox Browser a Facelift with a Focus on Customization

Maximum PC: There haven't been very many "Wow!" moments since Mozilla switched to a rapid release schedule for its Firefox browser that includes frequent updates with mostly minor upgrades. Not this time. Mozilla today rolled out Firefox 29, and with it is a brand new look and feel. Mozilla wanted to give Firefox an "elegant" design while simultaneously overhauling the layout so that it would be the most customizable version yet.

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Spiewie 2463d ago

Wow I forgot about it's existence haven't used it in so long. Chrome took over.

gizmig2463d ago

As a developer I know the importance of using Firefox and its developer tools.

TechImperia2463d ago

i also prefer chrome but, opera is also going good now a days

Event_Horizon2462d ago

You may call me mad but I open up more than 200 tabs at a time. Dont ask me why. The only browser that is capable of handling this much load is only firefox. I have tested chrome as well as opera. All become unbearable slow after about 80 tabs and almost always crash after 100-120 tabs. For me firefox is the best one out there.