Nokia's Future Begins with Newly Appointed CEO Rajeev Suri

Maximum PC: There's a new chief in town and his job will be to pick Nokia up by the bootstraps and kick the company into gear. After selling off its mobile handset business to Microsoft and reporting a less than stellar quarterly earnings report, Nokia on Tuesday promoted Rajeev Suri to President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a promotion that will go into effect on May 1, 2014.

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Spiewie 2703d ago

I'd say if they ditched Windows for Android their sales would go up a little bit.

Settler2702d ago

All the best Rajeev Suri, I wish under your supervision nokia launch some cool smartphone :D

gizmig2702d ago

Will look forward to it what change will he bring up to increase sales.

Sandmano2701d ago

how far nokia has fallen from grace