Xbox Originals to challenge Netflix in June

Microsoft has been teasing a number of original television projects for months, and with the first shows ready to premiere this June the company’s Xbox Entertainment Studios has revealed its full slate of projects. Dubbed Xbox Originals, the content push will begin this June 13th with the previously-announced interactive live broadcast of the Bonnaroo music festival.

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Spiewie 2707d ago

I hope that gold covers the cost of it but knowing Microsoft it won't.

TripOdd2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Yep, I heard through an IGN video cast that the Xbox Original's shows will be available to all Gold subscribers on both the X-Box 360 & X-Box One & there may even be some content available to Silver members. However, with some of the shows, there will also be interactive content exclusive to X-Box One. A potential scenario given for this was a chance to Skype chat with some of the artists playing at the Bonnaroo music festival before/after their performance. Obviously, it would be just one person in the queue who wins that opportunity, but the Skype chat would be broadcast for all to see on X-Box live. It's an interesting time to be an X-Box owner!

Sandmano2707d ago

Looking forward to halo.

iSpy2707d ago

Make it available worldwide...

Slappy McGee2706d ago

Good, i welcome another streaming service to go along with Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon.

thorstein2706d ago

Ummmm... so nothing from SONY Enterainment will be on this channel.

None of their television shows and none of their movies. Sounds weak.