Is the Internet doomed?

Net Neutrality is something that not many people know about. Ran by the corrupt U.S government and backed by the mega-corporations, it is a plan to rid the U.S citizens of their freedom on the internet.

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RazeRed2468d ago

Hope fully net neutrality doesn't come here to the UK!!!!!

blacktiger2468d ago

Why? From Toronto Canada

Spiewie 2468d ago

Douchebags seriously greedy... It angers me a little

clonerz2459d ago

This gets little traffic but lets fight about console x, y, and z what a shame. We should all be concerned about what the greedy ass telco companies are trying to convert to a pay as you go system.They have already admitted to doing this for revenue stream.What good is online aspect in next gen consoles if I am limited to a set amount of data use a month?