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Google to stop forcing users to sign up for Google+. Signs of a dying network?

Google is looking to downgrade the product from a full-fledged social network to just another platform tool for communication. They also plan to discontinue forced Google+ account integration into other services like YouTube (among a few others) even though Gmail users may still have to deal with being forced to sign up for one of their social profiles.

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NarooN2460d ago

Ugh, finally. Don't see how anyone really thought Google+ was a good idea. It's just terrible all-around.

ChickeyCantor2460d ago

for what they have now, it's far better than facebook. Google just started far too late with +.

ChickeyCantor2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

-They have a far cleaner layout. No sidebar, No suggestion bar, focus on posts. Basically no nonsense.

-Better friends management and privacy settings.

-Easier way to filter posts that you currently want to see ( so you're not bombarded by other nonsense posts )

-Hangout/Chat is also handled better. For example you're not limited to a small window size, you can adjust that. Pop out feature ( which facebook has removed) and you don't have to deal with the sluggish message page facebook has ( for some reason it gets slow after a while).

That being said, i'm bound to facebook because everyone i know is there. Facebook even canceled their desktop messenger, which pissed me off. That's all I was really using. I'd definitely go full G+ if my friends were there as well. In the end they virtually do the same thing, but ill give google credit for their simplicity.

I'd say facebook is the terrible one. Eh.

NarooN2459d ago

Don't get me wrong -- Facebook is garbage indeed. My dislike of Google+ mainly comes from Google trying to force everyone into it. A pal and I tried to use Google Hangouts a few months ago, and we couldn't get it to work properly for anything. There's better alternatives to both, but most of my non-techie friends are either on Facebook or Instagram, so meh -_-.

blacktiger2460d ago

I don't get it, you already don't have to use google+ to use. Just don't sign in.
Non google+ sign in then, ok. Google services are better anyways.

The_Blue2460d ago

Google kept asking me to use my real name instead of my businesses name which got really annoying on YouTube.

wannabe gamer2460d ago

yea i just stopped commenting after i filled out that bs for the 3rd or 4th time and they kept asking me. which resulted in me having like 2-3 youtube profiles and losing my uploads for a while

Blasphemy2460d ago

yeah I got like 2-3 accounts because of this, didn't want to use my real name but they forced me one time so I created another account

Speed-Racer2460d ago

Yea me too. I have 3 YouTube accounts as a result.

tanookisuit2460d ago

And while they are at it, stop messing with Youtube's layout and compatibility with all browsers.

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The story is too old to be commented.