This Oculus Rift Prank Just Opened up My Mind to All the Possibilities

Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Not only did a bulb light up in my head for prank ideas with Oculus Rift, but I’ve also learned not to trust playing with it around prankster friends thanks to this video."

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Tiqila2463d ago

holy shit! I hope I will ever be so immersed in a game

hkgamer2463d ago

lol, I wonder why it was in a public space. Definitely the ideal place for theifs :P

Software_Lover2463d ago

......... I ........... I just don't know whether or not I should feel sorry for the guy, lol.

chaosdemon092462d ago

I gotta try this thing out to see if I can be fooled like that..I know your brain reacts to what it sees but there's gotta be a part of you that keeps saying it isn't real even though it seems like it is. I can't say if I'd be fooled or not until I try it for sure. So I won't call this guy a moron.

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