Five reasons why you should purchase Nexus products

GearNuke: "There are a copious number of smartphones and tablets present in the world right now. With over 1.5 billion mobile units distributed across the globe in 2013, the exponential increase of mobile computing devices is not showing any signs of deceleration. However, when mobile gadget users are looking for a product to appease their mobile computing needs, the name Nexus often sprouts up from the amorphous products and begins to mold in to a worthy product."

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TechImperia2708d ago

Regular android OS updates is a reason enough for me to buy a nexus. WBU?

Spiewie 2708d ago

Fantastic specs for such affordable prices, the updates are great too and even the design I think that the white nexus 5 is the best looking phone around.

SaffronCurse2708d ago

I love my Nexus 4, multi tasking is super fluent and I barely get any stuttering.