Powdered alcohol may be coming to the US

Jesus turned water to wine, but it seems you may be able to turn water to vodka with Palcohol…which is close enough.

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ajax172470d ago

From what I've heard this I'd true; not a rumor.

ITPython2470d ago

Would be interesting to see alcohol pills hit the market. And would be crazy to see them come out with time-release pills. You know, say you take three time-release pills and it maintains, for example, a constant 0.06% BAC for 8 hours.

Time-release pills that could maintain a BAC under the legal limit might be an interesting approach for those with anxiety problems.

UltraNova2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

As if people didn't have enough ways to get drunk and miserable already...

On the other hand I can definitely see these pills used in rehabilitation. As controlled doses that are gradually reduced.

Or the Mexican cartels can go ape shit all over again and start 'marketing' them the only way they know. I might be exaggerating a bit here...

Soldierone2470d ago

A local company in my state made this. It was approved by the government and already heading out to shelves, then the government changed their mind and will not allow it anymore. So now its basically illegal again, and the company is fighting to reverse the reversal.

Personally don't want it. We have DUI galore here as is, we don't need people slipping this into water bottles and driving.

ironfist922470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

As if america needed more reasons for their citizens to get drunk.

2469d ago
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