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Texting driver says “I just don’t care”

21-year old Kimberley Davis from Port Fairy, Australia pled guilty to 47 offenses for using a cellphone while driving. This comes after she struck down a bicyclist while driving through the small town of through Koroit in western Victoria, Australia. She said that she didn’t see the flashing indicator lights on the bike, but cellphone records showed that she was using her cellphone on 44 different occasions while driving, texting 7 different numbers.

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dboyman2466d ago

She needs her license to drive to be revoked permanently ifs that is her attitude. Texting while driving is dangerous, and one day she WILL kill someone...

Derekvinyard132465d ago

god forbid she hits a car with children in it! selfish brat

Porcelain_Chicken2466d ago

Wow! World class b*tch!! Geezus. Real shame that people like you exist Ms. Kimberley Davis.

Mr_cheese2466d ago

If she doesn't care, she shouldn't be driving, period and her "Expensive" car should have been crushed.

Porcelain_Chicken2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Agreed! She hurt a human being, and she's worried about a f**king car!!!! I mean i'll admit i'd get pissy if my car got dinged but that would never outweigh my guilt or even shame of hurting another human while doing something stupid.

I hope one day moments after exiting her car, some other texting driver plows into her car leaving it in scraps.

Mr_cheese2465d ago


If that ever was to happen to her, I guarantee she would take them to court and in this day and age, win. :(

PraxxtorCruel2466d ago

She's the sort that believes the world revolves around them.

Speed-Racer2466d ago

*brain explosion* She needs to be behind bars, that's what. Serve her a dose of reality.

Soldierone2466d ago

The purpose of a punishment is to learn a lesson. If a judge can clearly see dumb bimbo hasn't learned her lesson, he should wait till the very last day of her punishment and extend it. That way she gets her hopes up really high, then gets slapped in the face and cries.

Also, glad she isn't from America lol. So tired of people this stupid being from here, glad she is from somewhere else to prove idiots come from other places too haha

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