Spotify Starts Shutting Down Its Massive P2P Network

For more than half a decade Spotify has relied on P2P technology to quickly deliver songs to its millions of subscribers. This will be over soon. The music streaming service has started to phase out P2P technology to rely fully on central servers instead.

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Derekvinyard132711d ago

“an alternative to music piracy.” this is why its shutting down. piracy is here to stay sadly

kingPoS2710d ago

It makes no sense? If P2P technology has allowed Spotify to reduced server resources and associated costs, why would they abandon it? Is there really that much hostility towards P2P.

Spotify has consensual agreement to essentially torrent music, how is that a bad thing. Maybe in the future it would help if online connections were more symmetrical than asymmetrical. IE 50m/40mb would be preferable over the 1/5 ratio of 50mb/10mb.