Xbox One Shipments Top 5 Million

Microsoft on Thursday announced that more than 5 million Xbox One consoles have been shipped to retailers since its November launch.

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salazarnaruto522716d ago

Shipped does not equal sold lol. Playstation 4 still #1

ChrisW2715d ago

Yes... While PS4 is #1, it's well known that Sony releases only "shipped" data. So to say that 7 million had been "sold" is most likely incorrect.

Argento-Nox2715d ago

Actually Chris, Sony announced those numbers as sold to users from sales data 2 weeks ago. They're probably beyond 7.2 million by now. Since my brother and friends work at EB Games (Canadian chain under GameStop), those sales data from Sony is most likely true to the extent of how much the Xbox one is selling compared to the ps4. It's not a surprise to anyone considering the cost difference of $100 isn't something easily overlooked. At the very least the Xbox one is selling really well compared to the 360 and all consoles before it. It's pretty much third after the ps4 and ps2 for fastest selling consoles.

2pacalypsenow2716d ago

Title should read MS manages to make 5 million xbox 1's

Derekvinyard132716d ago

i just dont know what people are playing, titanfall and ryse dont seem to interesting to me