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Google to developers: We're sick of ugly design

Google I/O is fast approaching, but before the massive developers confab descends on San Francisco in June, the Internet giant wants its acolytes to think hard about design.

Google on Tuesday announced that the conference was open for developer registration through April 18, and the themes of the company's annual conference, to be held June 25 and 26 at the Moscone Center West. The emphasis will be on designing, developing, and distributing, wrote Billy Rutledge, director of developer relations in a blog post.

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Audiggity2464d ago

"We're sick of ugly design"... says the company who has a homepage with a logo above a single open text field.

However, to be fair, Google professes the power of making sites truly user friendly. No one can argue that their homepage abides by this rule, potentially more than any other site on the interwebz.

Speed-Racer2464d ago

I think they're targeted that embossed fallout crap which came about as a result of many past developers trying to copy Apple's older iOS UI. I like most of Google's default apps now and it's good to see many other 3rd parties trying to follow in the footsteps of the Holo theme. But I guess usability is the most important thing at the end of the day. Reminds of some blogs out there that launch these radical designs that look really good but when it comes to simple things like finding the comments box or share buttons, you tend to see why more traditional layouts win at the end of the day.

Derekvinyard132463d ago

that's the thing though, they've always been user friendly so to them most sites are unprofessional. they fail to realize not every site has a team of designers