Facebook's friend problem

When I arrived at the University of Michigan in fall 2007, everybody said "Facebook me."

In the following days, even a passing meeting guaranteed that a friend request would pop up the next time I logged on to Facebook. I felt popular and informed, at all times abreast of what my hallmates, friends, and peers were up to each day. Writing status updates, browsing photos from the previous night’s parties, and searching for girls who were also into Kurt Vonnegut became a daily pastime. The News Feed was the most addictive webpage I’d ever used, letting me people-watch with X-ray vision.

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andrewer2713d ago

Well I just refuse'em...

Speed-Racer2713d ago

Simple rule. Add people that you actually know. The end.

Derekvinyard132711d ago

there are so many fake people on facebook. i used to get request from people in countries ive never been to