Talking to Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1

"From my testing, you’ll find what Cortana can do for you and what she still needs to work on – and by this, I mean dealing with your questions natively utilising the apps and Windows Phone ecosystem before pulling Bing search results (unless purposely asking for them).

I threw questions to see how’d she cope and generally at this point of time, it’s pretty solid. Of course, since it’s just launched, her scope in working with other apps is limited to just the Microsoft apps, but the potential is there"

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Cueil2717d ago

installing right now on my HTC 8X

VforVideogames2717d ago

will it work with any phone? im thinking about getting the new HTC-ONE M8.

TheLumilounge2715d ago

It is exclusive to the Windows Phone Platform so any devices running that OS will have it. Any windows phone 8 device will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1