Teen Records Himself Getting Bullied On iPad, Gets Charged With Wiretapping Instead

Imagine that you’re out and about, perhaps phone in your hand, when you witness a crime take place either in front of you or you’re the victim, so you start using your phone to record the incident to use it as evidence or proof of the crime taking place. Sounds fine, right? Imagine the surprise of a Pennsylvania sophomore who discovered that he had been charged with wiretapping instead of being able to use his recordings as evidence.

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UnwanteDreamz2474d ago

There is a petition on to have the principal removed. I was happy to sign.

TechImperia2474d ago

Give me the link I will sign it right away.

Cueil2474d ago

that's hilarious! Should have used it as a bludgeoning weapon

Derekvinyard132470d ago

and this is exactly whats wrong with everything