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Yahoo Goes After Netflix and YouTube With Four Original Shows

The Man Cave Cinema writes; Yahoo is rumored to be close to a deal that would see four original comedies for Yahoo Screen video streaming service. Each show would be 10 episodes and run about 30 minutes each with a budget of $700,000 to $1,000,000 each.

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AuXDubz2476d ago

Would of set it as a report, but can't atm - Though it says Neftlix on the article, it is still a spelling mistake nonetheless. Correction: Netflix

Speed-Racer2476d ago

Yahoo Goes After Neftlix and YouTube With Four Original Shows

iSpy2476d ago

I’m not sure what yahoo is anymore, they’ll start selling groceries too.

Soldierone2475d ago

Even Yahoo doesn't know what they are. They open a service, then cancel the service, then bring it back, then force feed it, and then cancel it again.

kingPoS2475d ago

I can imagine Google as a top notch ISP, but some reason i'm having a hard time viewing Yahoo entering the video streaming market. All I want from them is to fix Yahoo groups, not make it worse.