9 things to do with your old Windows XP PC

Time is fast running out for Windows XP. Microsoft is ceasing all official support for it from 8th April. What happens next? You can, of course, continue to use your PC and XP as before, but at increased risk to your security and privacy.

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Settler2474d ago

I have one with Windows XP and I'm using it just the way I was using it previously

kingPoS2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I hear you, when put in conjunction with a decent router, XP pro isn't half bad as a NAS. An old Dell 4600 sure goes a long way with the right tools.
(It ain't dead yet!)

sephiroth4202474d ago

you dont need to do any of those things, just keep it and use it as you did before. xp was pretty damn good, its a shame microsoft like to screw people and make them buy new stuff when the old stuff is working fine.

Soldierone2474d ago

To be honest, you are only at risk for a short while. Eventually people will switch (mostly the business' that become targets) and the attackers will target 7 or 8 instead.

Once that happens, "pirates" will patch things up for you and you will be fine.

ITPython2474d ago

I still use XP and will continue to use it for as long as possible. I personally hate Windows 7, it is so much less efficient and buggy compared to XP, and is much less intuitive and user-friendly as far as navigation, ease-of-use and UI is concerned. MS broke the rule "Don't fix what isn't broken" when they cooked up W7. And they screwed up even more with W8 (although unlike W7, W8 is pretty much getting universal hate, so hopefully that means MS will pull a 180 and fix it up).

Granted W7 does have some great features over XP (like native TRIM support), but every time I use W7 (I have it as a dual-boot option) I cannot help but hate it more and more.

With W7 I feel as if I have a lot less control over how things run, and it has so many useless (but required) services and other junk running that makes it even more annoying to use. Not to mention the text on W7 is much more blurry than XP, even after tweaking the cleartext settings to no end. Just google it, many others have noticed this as well.

It maddens me to no end thinking that one day we will be forced to use crappy OS's like W8 thanks to the rising popularity of tablets and smartphones. There is even tons of websites now catering to tablet/smartphone users and are removing lots of details/features from their site to make it more streamlined and simple for touchscreen devices. And no I am not talking about mobile versions of the sites, as the sites look the same across all platforms. Pretty stupid IMO, as they should just stick to the user-agent of a device and render the website accordingly... but no, website devs are getting more and more lazy so they just force everybody to use the same mobile friendly sites which removes a lot of useful features and items for those will full-screens and kb/m.

DivineHand1252473d ago

I game allot on the PC and in all my years of experience gaming on windows, windows xp was the platform that gave the least amount of headaches when it came to gaming. One of the major problems with windows 7 I noticed was that some games could not save unless you ran the application in administrator mode while on xp that problem didn't exist.

Another problem was that sometimes, if you were playing a game at a lower resolution than your monitor in windows 7 like if you have a 1080p monitor but chose to play the game in 720p, it will render the game in 720p then leave the rest of the space left over in black so the game will only render in a small box and leave the rest of the area on the screen dark.

If you are using modern day hardware, windows xp will bottleneck your overall performance by a large margin. If you are using a cpu with more than 2 cores or ram that is more than 3 gigs then windows 7 is a must.
I think your issue with the user friendlyness of win7 is subjective because I find it better than windows xp but I do agree than win8 feels like 10 steps backwards. I also welcome the idea that web developers are now developing websites with mobile devices in mind because PCs benefit the most from this. This is because the websites now render much faster and use much less resources than before due the exclusion of flash and other resource heavy plugins.

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