Jonathan Blow Finds it 'Difficult' to see Positive in Facebook Buying Oculus

VRFocus - Braid developer Jonathan Blow has commented on the news of Facebook buying Oculus Rift creators Oculus VR, stating that he finds it ‘difficult’ to see how the acquisition can be a good thing. The social networking giant recently announced that it would be buying the virtual reality (VR) specialists for a total of $2 billion USD, although has pledged that it won’t radically alter Oculus VR’s plans in the near future.

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Bimkoblerutso2472d ago

I'm not going to lie...I think Facebook was probably one of the worst financial partners for Oculus to jump into bed with, but I still think that the technology would have flat-out crashed and burned without ANY financial and marketing assistance. I don't know what was going on behind closed doors, but if Facebook was the only promising entity willing to pump money into the project, then I guess there was no choice.

Alxe2472d ago

who can say wht Fb thinking