YouTube Hurts Music Album Sales, Research Finds

The music industry has often cited piracy as the main reason for the decline in music sales over the past decade, but new research suggests that YouTube may have played a role as well. Based on Warner Music's YouTube blackout, researchers conclude that the video streaming portal cost the label up to $40 million in lost album sales per year.

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Settler2717d ago

Well then create your own Youtube or just shut the fuck up Warner Music!

Bimkoblerutso2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

It is so convenient, all these unsubstantiated "studies" that seem to materialize out of thin air when the music industry decides to throw one of it's now-annual temper tantrums.

The music industry is floundering because these wrinkly old assholes are still trying to run the it like it's the 1950's.

gizmig2716d ago

We can say this is advancement in technology. Some people/company surely hurt by this but in market only those survives who is the best and unique and that is YouTube.

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