6 Scientifically Proven Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive

Every man wants to know what will make him irresistible to women — especially when it comes to things he can change and control.

How much time should he spend at the gym? What colors look best? Should he shave? We turned to science for answers.

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TechImperia2722d ago

I am gonna have to sweat a lot more now. o.O androstadienone.

gizmig2722d ago

lolz..I already do sweat a lot.

Bimkoblerutso2722d ago

I think it's funny that they always show very physically attractive men to exemplify lists like these.

Like, "look at how good Antonio Banderas looks sitting up straight" and "women love stubble - just look at Hugh Jackman."

gizmig2722d ago

Absolutely! Story not gonna work if a show a person with having his bones asking to coming out of his body.

Unztayble2722d ago

I'm never gonna smile again.

MilkMan2721d ago

Basically go to gym. Got it!

johny52721d ago

Basically Cave Men...

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