SK Hynix: 128-GigaByte DDR4 Module - eXtremespec

eXtremespec - SK Hynix, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of RAM, has officially announced the completion of the project to build a 128-gigabyte DDR4 module for server systems.

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TechImperia2483d ago

Can we expect some cheaper hosting courtesy of this increase in RAM?

Audiggity2483d ago

Hey ExtremeSpec! Be careful with your content, it got in the way of those ads...

Speed-Racer2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

LOLOL. I usually use Adblock Plus for situations like this.

Audiggity2483d ago

Hahahaha... I work in the world of online marketing & advertising, so I never use AdBlock. (I'd miss the competition!)

Sensitive to UI/UX issues. Had to make the comment.

Speed-Racer2483d ago

I think the reason I started to use it was because my system got infected a couple of times thanks to those trojan ads that inject malware on to your system.

imXify2482d ago

Omfg it's horrible lol !