The Times of India - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra review: Big screen, long battery life

The Times of India - Sony's earlier phablet - Xperia Z Ultra - was a high-end device. It was a very good phablet but with a price of over Rs 40,000, it did not find many takers. Equally good devices were available at a lower price.

The Xperia T2 Ultra is Sony's second attempt at wooing consumers who want an XL size screen in their smartphones. But unlike the Z Ultra, T2 is not a flagship product. It is priced more modestly and packs in hardware that won't make you go wow. The goal is to sell a device that is value for money and not the one that is fastest, best looking and priciest. Well, in our opinion that is not a bad goal at all.

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Alxe2481d ago

Rs 40,000 is affordable .

TechImperia2481d ago

it costs Rs 25,990(approx 430USD). and thats what affordable is.