It takes not more than half a minute to get your mobile fully charged

TechLucia: A matter of 30 seconds or less is all it requires to get your phone fully charged. Surprising, isn't it? StoreDot, an Israeli-based tech startup has recently come up with a prototype charger which accelerates the charging rate to god-speed.

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techlearner2480d ago

I would like to have this.. 30 seconds is all it requires.less time, much amaze :D

prodigy10112480d ago

Something the fast-forwarded world requires now.

bigfish2479d ago

don't be fooled, there will be a downside like the battery only lasts 30 minutes.

prodigy10112479d ago

its just that the charging process will be accelerated . it doesn't mean that the battery life will fall or discharging will take place soon

ITPython2480d ago

Charging li-ion batteries too fast is extremely dangerous (which is the type of battery in most every mobile device out there). Li-ion batteries have safe max charging and max discharging rates, and if you go too far out of that zone the battery will become very volatile, to the point of venting with flames, or even exploding as soon as you start to use the battery. Also charging too fast will severely reduce the lifespan and capacity of the battery.

So unless they have some kind of new battery technology, I can't see this becoming a thing with li-ion batteries. It's already surprising that there isn't more incidents with mobile phone batteries exploding or venting, li-ion batteries are quite unstable if not treated/charged properly.

prodigy10112479d ago

yea i agree .. anyways lets wait and see..! with nanotechnology into play , we can't judge it by its very concept.. hope its efficient

SilentNegotiator2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

We've been seeing these "breakthroughs" for years now and we STILL don't have any insta-charge phones/devices on the market. There has got to be SOME major downside that they aren't telling us about that needs to be fixed first.

But then some conspiracy nuts on here always have an explanation as to why something in the testing phase isn't on store shelves, even on the first day of its announcement. I'd love to hear how the government/ corporations/ illuminati benefit from us not having quicker charging batteries, lol.

RE_L_MAYER2479d ago

radioactive batteries where are you

ironfist922479d ago

Whatever happened to those silicon batteries which lasted for days?

Faizaan2479d ago

It would be awesome if those words written on the post are really true and not a gimmick. Hope that this brings a revolution in technology.