The Moff Smartband can turn anything into a Toy

We’ve seen a lot of smartwatches and smartbands shown off this year, but the Moff Smartband does something those others can’t. It won’t track your fitness or let you place calls, but it will turn random objects into toys…

Moff is a high-tech smartband, but it works with one of the oldest tools around – your mind. Imagination is the key as the smartband works with a set of games in the Moff app market that allow you to play games without picking up the smartphone. Yup, you just need the bracelet and your imagination can take care of the rest.

The Smartband is loaded with sensors and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Once you pick an activity/game from the app, the band will communicate with the smartphone with sounds and other cues to let you know how you’ve performed. It’s kind of like Wii, sans the TV set and console as the smartband will track your gestures. This means you can play air guitar with a broom or use a piece of wadded up paper for a volleyball… you get the idea.

As with a lot of cool tech, the Moff Smartband is on Kickstarter and they’ve already surpassed their funding goal of $20,000 by raising $66,725 at the time of the writing. That means the concept is now a reality and you won’t have to wait long to pick up the tech toy.

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