Windows 7 outgains Windows 8 and 8.1 in market share again, but Windows XP still above 27%

March was the fifth full month of availability for Microsoft’s latest operating system version: Windows 8.1 continues to steadily grow while Windows 8 managed to stay flat, allowing the duo together to finally crack 11 percent market share. Meanwhile, with only a week left of support, Windows XP still has more than 27 percent of the pie.

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Settler2487d ago

Windows XP is best OS version till now :)

GameSpawn2487d ago

Considering the need for a 64-bit OS, Windows 7 has essentially replaced any and all need for Windows XP. If people are still dependent on applications that ONLY work on XP then they should find a Windows 7 compatible alternative at this point. If it doesn't exist and if you are a developer, make it. If it doesn't exist and if you aren't a developer, find someone to make it.

There is no need to use an OS that was introduced 10+ years ago and has the worst 64-bit support of ANY OS still in use today.