Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Cut His Salary to $1

Mashable: Going by salary at least, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg earned just $1 for the year, according to a regulatory filing released on Monday. In Silicon Valley, though, earning a token salary is a sure sign that you've made it. Other $1-per-year men have included Apple's Steve Jobs and the Google guys — Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Like those tech luminaries, Zuckerberg owns a substantial stake in his company, making a salary irrelevant. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg has collected a decent salary before — in 2012, he made $503,205.

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Spiewie 2734d ago

Well he doesn't need any more money so what's the big deal.

gizmig2734d ago

Earn just $1 a year, but still people counts him in the list of world's richest people. Strange? Isn't it? lolz

Spiewie 2734d ago

Exactly announcing that is pointless most people including myself are annoyed at this attention seeking.

gizmig2734d ago

That might be a stunt to be in the news. But don't know what is the exact reason for announcing that.

Soldierone2734d ago

To be fair, cutting his salary to $1 is actually a business move. He will pull in money from so many other assets that he will be rich no matter what. Look at stocks he plays with daily.

Then at the end of the year he can list his income from work as $1, and won't get hit with taxes for it and pay less taxes elsewhere. `

gizmig2734d ago

May be that could be a possible reason.