AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 To Be Released or Unveiled on April 8, 2014 "AMD is will be releasing the much anticipated AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 Vesuvius Dual Hawaii graphics card on April 8, 2014. That’s just more than a week from now. The codename R9 295 X2 isn’t really a confirmed name, before it was R9 290X X2. But more or less you get the idea. AMD’s #2betterthan1 campaign has been around for quite some time now. NVIDIA has already announced their GTX Titan Z Dual GPU graphics card. Perhaps AMD had already anticipated NVIDIA’s move and decided to unleash the “Vesuvius” after NVIDIA has made their move."

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Revvin2493d ago

A single 290X runs hot, I imagine a dual 290X could heat your home as well with the appropriate ducting.

whatswithjeff2492d ago

I wonder why AMD is focusing on "hot" products. They aren't power efficient or energy efficient. Their CPUs has high TDP, their graphics cards produces high temperature. While other manufacturers try their best to keep their products cool and energy efficient. It seems AMD is doing it the other way around. Fire power?

Revvin2492d ago

AMD seemed to have struggled to compete with Intel for CPU's and nVidia with GPU's and just gone crazy boosting clock speeds which take more power and therefore generate more heat. I've used AMD for years as they always give good bang for buck but for my upgrade this time I've gone back to Intel and nVidia