Mozilla Employees Ask New CEO Brendan Eich To Step Down

Staff at Mozilla Foundation have sent a simultaneous message to its new CEO Brendan Eich to resign from his position following his support for Proposition 8 anti-gay campaign

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extermin8or2737d ago

Woah am I missing something here... Did he use the company's account or name to make the donations? Not that I can see in these articles. Does that make it a private donation he made using HIS OWN money? Yes. I don't agree with his actions however equally I do believe people are entitled to their own views and opinions (within reason...) and if he's not part of/supporting anything that is physically attacking anyone/committing any crimes. If he's not trying to influence other employees to the same point of view and he's not using the company as a means to promote that cause and it's a private decision then I really don't see why he should have to step down. Unless ofcourse we are openly admitting we live in a society of double standards- freedom of speech/opinion unless you differ from the view considered 'correct'. In which case you aren't allowed it. A I say (because there's always one) I do not agree with his donation, nor do I have an issue with gay marriage. But I feel someone has to point out that what someones private personal views are as long as they aren't bringing them into the workplace and imposing them on other employees etc and it doesn't really stop them doing the job then why should they be sacked etc over it. You are just as bad as them by stifling their view.

2pacalypsenow2735d ago

Making him quit because of his beliefs? sounds like discrimination to me isn't that what the gays are trying to end?

extermin8or2734d ago

Ironic I know although it doesnt say thebplace he donated money to is agsinst gay rights in general must specifically thearriage. Bit either way its all irrelevamt je might be willing to a supportbancause that pushes discrimination but that doesn't mean everyone else should sink to his level.