F-bombs and poetry discovered in MS-DOS source code

Vyralize: When I built this site’s layout from the ground up, there were times when I had to add label comments throughout the code to remind me when certain sections started and ended. The fun bit is that you can add pretty much anything in the comments once you properly close it (so that it’s not visible on the front end). So I’d put in funny catch phrases or quotes just for the fun of it. Microsoft’s programmers obviously had the same mindset when they were building MS-DOS. Leon Zandman, a Windows programmer, discovered quite a few sections where Microsoft employees left fun bits of poetry, and even dropped the F-bomb a few times. Glad to see they were having fun while programming.

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Gondee2740d ago

As a computer scientist myself, this was throughly funny lol

2739d ago
ZoyosJD2740d ago

I hear many similar stories of "// *F-Bomb* this" and other oddball notes throughout code having to be cleaned up before the product is shipped from my area. Older products are particularly notorious for this.

KingPin2740d ago

if you have ever coded and never left an F-bomb in the comments, you are not normal.

iliimaster2739d ago

lol i can picture this happening