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NVIDIA Titan Z Specs, Pascal Architecture, NVLink, & PCIe Bandwidth

GamersNexus: "Huang hosted today’s GTC Keynote – part of nVidia’s annual hype parade – to discuss advancements in GPU technology, SDKs for gaming applications, machine learning, PCIe bandwidth, and the new architecture after Maxwell (Pascal). We’ll primarily focus on the GPU technology and Pascal here – I have a full-feature article pending publication that covers all of the SDK information."

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SITH2733d ago

My GTX 690 now has a worthy successor to the throne!

1nsomniac2733d ago

I'm still on a GT560 Ti at the moment. Only in the past couple of months have I started to see any strain on it at all, so I'm still a few months if not a year off an upgrade yet.

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Cernunnos2733d ago

Much better to buy 2x Titan Black Editions, better performance, higher OC headroom and cheaper.

Dasteru2733d ago

2 Titan black editions has half the available Vram of the Titan Z and you are then stuck with SLI drivers which are very unstable for alot of things.

Cernunnos2732d ago

You are wrong. The Titan Z is two Titan cores in SLI, so it is the exact same thing. 6gb VRAM per core, and SLI drivers.

Dasteru2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Vram and SLI do not work that way. Information loaded into Vram has to be duplicated 1:1 on both cards when in SLI, multiple cards with 6GB Vram each still only has 6GB of available Vram in 2-way, 3-way or even 4-way SLI.

The Titan Z has 12GB of available Vram, it isn't split between the 2 PCBs, the Vram is seperate from the individual PCBs and accessable as if it was a single card. I was wrong about the SLI part (up for 36 hours straight helping a friend move) but not about the Vram. The Titan Z would still have to run on SLI because it is running 2 PCBs but the Vram doesn't need to be split as it is joined in the same memory bank, not split between 2 seperate GPUs.

Think of it this way,

2 GPUs in SLI,

SLI bridge

In that instance, information needs to be duplicated over the 2 GPUs because the Vram is split.

Single GPU, dual PCB,


Still SLI because of the dual PCBs but only a single Vram bank, so information doesn't need to be split.

wannabe gamer2733d ago

no one should be buying titans if all they do is game. seriously they are not meant for gamers they are meant for more high end uses