China Wants Explanation From U.S. On Huawei Spying Report

The Chinese government is seeking explanation from the United States over allegations linking the NSA to spying on Huawei servers

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thorstein3542d ago

Attn: China, we are spying on you just as you are spying on us. Stop acting like "Ooooh, someone is spying! No one is supposed to do that!"

You sound like immature morons one XboxLive playing Call of Duty: "You're cheating, hacking, waaaaaaa! [racial epithet] waaaaaa! Stop glitching! [insult of someone's maternal ancestry]"

ThichQuangDuck3542d ago

You should run for office. You are amazing at communicating with others in a mature respectful manner

SilentNegotiator3542d ago

You're right. He should have been more formal considering that his post is going straight to Chinese officials, addressed from the White House. /s

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SilentNegotiator3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

"You explain YOURS"
"No, you explain YOURS"
"No, you explain YOURS"
"No, you...

TwistedMetal3542d ago

ill explain it. We gonna whip that butt china and not even Ip man can save you. Avengers assemble!!!!

UnwanteDreamz3542d ago

If China ever called the US on it's debt the dollar would crash.

TwistedMetal3542d ago

we lived without the dollar before and we created the dollar. Its not real. Its just funny money. Also we will just take what we need by force if any country want to screw around with the future of the world. What you all need to realize is the u.s is to big to fail. we fall you all fall and gonna end up like north korea or russia, or even china look up them vids of how people in china treat each other on youtube and reddit videos. its no a pretty site.

MajorGecko3542d ago

finally the NSA is doing some work not just looking at the newdiez being sent across america

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