The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5

Samsung has announced its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) last month in Barcelona, and the phone will be available to pre-order on 28 March. As the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a number of new features and improvements. Now, let’s see what makes Galaxy S5 different from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

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ajax172858d ago

I still own a GS3. There just isn't enough new here for me to upgrade. I think I'll wait for the next Galaxy iteration.

KingPin2858d ago

samsung is becoming stagnant.
if you a GS3 or note2 owner, youll find this more of the same.

abzdine2857d ago

guys go get Xperia Z2 with its 4K resolution and 20MP camera and water resistant. This is what i call the phone of the future instead of garbage from apple or samsung that loses momentum after max 3 months.

Deltaguy2858d ago

lol gs3 to gs5 is night and day...what are you talking about?

ajax172858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I'm going by how much has changed from 2 generations. I wanted something more like going from the original Galaxy S to the S3. That was a lot of change! The only noteworthy enhancement is the fingerprint reader, and maybe the heart-rate monitor.

kevinsheeks2858d ago

I have a gs3 myself I said i'll wait till gs5 comes out it came out and now I'm saying i'll wait for gs6 -_-

ajax172858d ago

I thought the same thing. I was hoping the GS5 would be a big upgrade. Soooo disappointed.


Well im using a pos Motorola Droid Bionic
and I gotta say ive had the phone since 2011 with a downgrade in features when I had to replace the first hunk of junk.
And between the crap HTC and Motorola that ive used
Im looking at Samsung for my next Android based Device.
Samsung Galaxy 4 hell even 3 and the note look better and seem to operate better than the crap I have. So would yall recommend the S5 For an Upgrade ?

kevinsheeks2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

The S3 has done me good I won't lie if you get the S5 you likely won't have to worry about being upset when newer models come as they won't be that much of a jump

I use a custom rom so that may be why I enjoy mines so much I mean the s3 does everything I need thus far . . .

also i went out and found a comparison of your phone to the older s4 and the s4 kicks butt compared to the bionic so if you get a s5 your good

bahabeast2858d ago

I do think the s4 is nice upgrade over the s3 bit the s5 is really not needed. I actually opted for a iPhone 5c over a galaxy s4. I do miss certain features and custom ability.

Charger and port.
Build quality.
Battery life and charge time.

These are reasons why I choose the iPhone.

Agent_hitman2858d ago

The difference between S4 and S5 is the size lol.. And the new one is fvcking over priced

TechImperia2857d ago

Galaxy S4 was a decent update over Galaxy S3 but this Galaxy S5 seems more like a "kidding" update over Galaxy S4. Its definitely not worth upgrading or even buy a new galaxy S5. I would suggest anyone to buy the Galaxy S4 instead.