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The Future: Smartphone’s Screen Will Be Used To Take Blood Tests

ThatNaijaBlog - Researchers at a micro-engineering laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) developed a diagnostic tool that performs blood tests through the capacitive touchscreen of smartphones.

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StockpileTom2865d ago

Yes the touchscreen of a phone that some people just carelessly pass around is just a brilliant idea for a blood testing device. There is no way that any pathogens could be spread right?

StockpileTom2865d ago

"Patients would just have to place a highly-engineered plastic layer on top of the smartphone’s screen, and place a drop of blood on the film which will interact with a special molecule to initiate coagulation."

It seems I somehow overlooked that portion right there... though I still think it is better to just go with a traditional visit as that could detect other problems early rather than being sensitive to just this one problem.

proudly_X2865d ago

Glad you finally read the article.. xD

StockpileTom2865d ago

@proudly_X that tends to happen to me when I am browsing the internet and playing Dark Souls II at the same time (via multiple monitors)... my attention gets spread too thin and I forget things I may have just heard/read lol

The downsides of multitasking!

RE_L_MAYER2865d ago

soo i can just poop or urinate on my phone to get blood results???awesome

sergons2865d ago

finally my impossible dream came true...

Spiewie 2864d ago

I must say that I hate bood tests. Alot