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DelFly Explorer: A Fly-Like Robot That Achieves Autonomous Flight

The Web Graffiti: "With a shape reminiscent of a dragonfly, the DelFly Explorer incorporates cutting edge technology and fantastical design to create a unique impression of high-tech fantasy. The new Explorer, built in 2013, is the result of years of work and revision that began in 2005 when the first DelFly Micro Air Vehicle (or MAV) was created by a group of 11 students as a part of their bachelor studies. That first micro air vehicle from this team, the DelFly I, was impressive for it’s design and ability to nearly hover while carrying a camera. The team followed this up with the DelFly II in 2007, the DelFly Micro in 2008, and finally achieved a real breakthrough in design with the DelFly Explorer in 2013."

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