These will soon be things of the past. Enjoy them while they last

Vyralize: Thinking back, the CD player and Sony Walkman felt like things I used just the other day, but in reality those products that are at least 15 years old depending on when you’re counting from. It’s crazy to see how much has changed since then. Here are a few places, jobs, and items that are soon to become a thing of the past. Better save them. Might be worth a fortune 50 years from now.

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sjaakiejj2777d ago

Enjoy the illegality of weed? I don't think that one belongs on this list lol.

TheSaint2776d ago

More places are legalising all the time.

grifter0242777d ago

I will actually be sad for 3 of these things.

1.'ll be weird when almost all paperbacks will become E..backs.

2. Cursive. It's weird that you don't see alot of people writing that way anymore.

3. Maldives. I actually knew about this a while ago and am trying to save up money before it actually goes away completely.

Pillsbury12777d ago

There will always be a market for retro. I love buying classic games I grew up with as a kid and will never get tired of them.

RE_L_MAYER2777d ago

most things probably wont be worth a fortune,but if you have a ton of older items some might be in high demand and if its in good working condition

hazelamy2777d ago

people keep saying that CDs, DVDs and the like will be gone soon.
in the time of MP3s, yet you can still get vinyl, hell, in Japan you can still get music on tape.

DVDs are still selling despite the HD on demand services being readily available.

books still sell despite the rise of E Readers.

the reason MP3s are as big as they are is because they're so small, you can have thousands of songs on something the size of a cigarette packet.

with videos and games, the file sizes are getting huge, an average song would be a few megabtytes, an HD movie can be gigabytes.

these "death of physical media" articles are a bit premature.

Speed-Racer2777d ago

The advantage with vinyl is that barely any digital formats come close to the quality being outputted at studio level. If you have an ear for music, sometimes even music at 320kbps may not be enough for your listening pleasure. As mentioned above, FLAC is a better alternative as well, but you just can't beat that high definition from a vinyl.

Statistically, most other physical media sales are dropping though.

kevnb2776d ago

Vinyl sucks, but analog recording prevented recording so loud that almost all the dynamic range is gone.

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The story is too old to be commented.