LG G Pro 2 to reach Asian shops in the near future

Androidvibe: Last month LG, the South Korean manufacturer, has announced its G Pro 2 device to reach the market. Now, it seems that the company doesn’t lose too much time, and they are getting ready to release their device internationally. Compared to their neighbour competitor (Samsung), LG is about to roll out their around the globe straight from the beginning. Although it might not sound like the best strategy, this approach helps the company to cater their markets in a timely and successful manner, while meeting their customers’ needs. The Asian market is definitely a key market for LG, as the same way it is for Samsung. As LG is aware of this, they have decided to roll out the device in Asia starting today. As you may already assume, the LG G Pro 2 has been available for sale in South Korea since the launching, but Asia is bigger, and LG decided to provide the entire market with the handset.

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