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Google Play Games Will Soon Cross-Platform Play With iOS

Power Leveled: Announced for the Game Developers Conference 2014, Google Play Games team member Greg Hartrell brought forth some fantastic news about changes to the Google Play Games app which will include deep integration between Android and iOS games for the first time.

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Stevefantisy2869d ago

Hmm this could be very interesting.

JoeIsMad2869d ago

I don't even think it's a question. This is going to be amazing.

ROQFrost2869d ago

Maybe this is the start of something great (PS4, Xbone crossplay)

JoeIsMad2869d ago

I don't think so. It's more likely that Sony could link up with Google for the Google Play Network integration, whereby being hooked up with iOS automatically.

Raf1k12868d ago

Crossplay between players on Xbox Live and PSN would be great.

What would be better is console online play without the need for either network. Console multiplayer working the way PC multiplayer does would be much better and would allow people to continue playing their games even after the official servers are taken offline.

Jacktrauma2869d ago

Bleh...Apple! Goodluck iOS users, just one more thing you have to pay for

Magnus7012869d ago

Can they cross with Windows Phone please??? I need more gamer score haha

JoeIsMad2869d ago

Unfortunately a lot of games are starting to work with Windows [Asphalt 8] but they aren't really putting the effort in just yet. Updates come late, and support is far between because of the low penetration. WP8 is taking strides by stealing the Blackberry market, but they need to hit that next level where they can steal from Apple and Google, and I think the only say is to drop the word Phone and just be Windows.

Gondee2869d ago

Most of them suck balls, sooo, not that big of a deal lol